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BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.
BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.

Baratza Coffee Grinders

BARATZA™ (bah-’rah-tsa) suggests (from Arabic and Swahili) a place where locals gather to drink coffee.

Baratza is the uncontested leader when it comes to home espresso and coffee burr grinders. Designed in Seattle and manufactured in Taiwan, these high quality grinders deliver the most consistent grind that matches the quality, flavour, and roast of the best coffee beans.  From the entry level Encore to the bluettoth connected 270Wi and to the work horse Forte, there is a Baratza grinder for everyone.

Baratza model comparison chart: Quick guide

Model Main Features Recommended For Notes
Encore - 40 grind settings
- Conical burrs
- Great for manual brew methods
Manual brewing, beginners Ideal for beginners, offering great value and performance for a wide range of brewing methods.
Virtuoso+ - 40 grind settings
- Enhanced conical burrs
- Digital timer
Manual to espresso brewing A step up from the Encore, with improved consistency and a digital timer for precise dosing.
Sette 30 - 30 grind settings
- Revolutionary straight-thru design
- AP burr designed for espresso
Espresso, entry-level Entry-level espresso grinder with unique burr design for a fine grind.
Sette 270 - 270 grind settings
- Micro and macro adjust
- AP burr, exceptional for espresso
Espresso enthusiasts Offers precise adjustments for espresso, known for speed and minimal retention.
Sette 270Wi - Weight-based grinding
- 270 grind settings
- Bluetooth connectivity
Advanced espresso brewing Adds weight-based dosing for high precision, suitable for serious espresso aficionados.
Forté BG - 54mm flat burrs
- Grind by time or weight
- Durable metal build
Commercial or home use Versatile, commercial-grade grinder suitable for various brewing methods, including drip.
Forté AP - 54mm flat ceramic burrs
- Grind by time or weight
- Touchscreen interface
Espresso to French press Professional-grade, offering both fine and coarse grinding with high precision.
Vario - 230 grind settings
- Ceramic flat burrs
- Digital control panel
Specialty coffee brewing Flexible and precise, suitable for enthusiasts looking for a range of grind sizes.
Vario-W - Weight-based grinding
- 230 grind settings
- Ceramic flat burrs
Precision brewing Similar to Vario but with weight-based dosing for consistent and precise brews.

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