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BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.
BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.

Rubber O-ring 02025


This sized o-ring are used in almost every espresso machine manufacture for a multitude of applications, mostly involving the steam and water valves. 

ring thickness 1.78 mm - internal ø 6.07 mm


Part number Manufacturer
BF.161 Ascaso
F..252  Ascaso
F..331 Ascaso
F..332  Ascaso
F.1180  Ascaso
MZ.117  Ascaso
R..218  Ascaso
R..513 Ascaso
W..607  Ascaso
12305 Astoria CMA
A10112  Astra
7496018  Bezzera
0540050 BFC
1104103 BFC
36350116 Bianchi
43001316 Bianchi
00833.0.00.02  Brasilia 
0083300002  Brasilia 
87.00032  Carimali
530501200  Cimbali 
407500  Conti
8A2305  De Vecchi Giuseppe 
8F22 De Vecchi Giuseppe 
8F298  De Vecchi Giuseppe 
8F300  De Vecchi Giuseppe 
C449900786  ECM
456060  Elettrobar
CGR2025  Elettrobar
2566 Espresso Ressource
278 Espresso Ressource
440 Espresso Ressource
6028 Espresso Ressource
30370020  Expobar
50000100 Expobar
4701117916 Faema
371.095 Fast Ricambi
528.485  Fast Ricambi
528.649  Fast Ricambi
A1200023  Fiorenzato C.s. 
01539006  Futurmat-Ariete 
02476703  Futurmat-Ariete 
03061009  Futurmat-Ariete 
DM0041/022 Gaggia
WGADM0041/022 Gaggia
996530063887 Gaggia
4906_C0000036 Gaggia 
01539006  Gaggia Spagna 
02476703  Gaggia Spagna 
03061009  Gaggia Spagna 
1110800023  Grimac
A1200023  Grimac
C041  Grimac
C046 Grimac
SM040  Grimac
136 Iberital
2566 Iberital
278 Iberital
440 Iberital
6028 Iberital
01539006  Italcrem
02476703  Italcrem
03061009  Italcrem
H.1.006 La Marzocco
L165/6 La Marzocco
10066181  Lavazza
3243139 LF
01539006  Mairali
02476703  Mairali
03061009  Mairali
12305 MCE
524767  Nuova Ricambi
703220  Nuova Ricambi
D12305 Orchestrale
430031  Pavoni
465005 Pavoni
465011  Pavoni
36402001  Promac
36402001  Rancilio
13300050 RDL
C041 Ricambi Gardosi
C046 Ricambi Gardosi
M117 Ricambi Gardosi
SM040 Ricambi Gardosi
0540050 Royal
1104103 Royal
SVTMO005 SAB Italia
C-0184 Scala
C-0303 Scala
00625 Spaziale
GUARR5  Vibiemme
01539006  Visacrem 
02476703  Visacrem
03061009  Visacrem
W10356  Wega
WY12305  Wega
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Nick Samson (New York, NY)
The people at Coffee Addicts are SUPERSTARS!

My purchase was very small and inconsequential in terms of sales revenue for Coffee Additcs...I purchased 2 o-rings for my espresso machine for a total of $8.00. I paid more for the shipping than I did for the o-rings!

That's not the beauty of dealing with Coffee Addicts. This is. When I received the package I noticed I bought the wrong o-rings so I ordered the right ones but they noticed my order so they sent me the new ones I ordered (another big order of $4.00), paid for the shipping, and did not charge me for the O-rings. How can you not admire people like that? They spent 3 times as much as I originally spent to make sure I got what I needed.

As a customer experience consultant for the last 30 years, witnessing such dedication to the customer is a rarity. Way to go Coffee Addicts. I'm a fan for life!!!