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BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.
BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.

Pesado Stainless Steel Portafilter

by Pesado

The PESADO coffee machine portafilter has been designed to optimize efficiency and durability. The body and spout have been made entirely in stainless steel to increase strength and performance with heavy usage. The open spout has a precise splitting curve and the inner surface has been machined to enhance the coffee thickness during the pour. For ease of cleaning, the spout can be easily removed.  Basket not included. Fits La Marzocco, E61, ECM, Lelit, Profitec, Rancilio, Rocket, Sanremo, Synesso, Slayer, VBM etc.

The premium modular handles have been developed for those with luxury in mind. Complement the metallic features in your coffee machine and home set up while utilizing the perfect balance of the stainless steel handle and head together. 

The wooden handles are ergonomically shaped in Australia from premium oak on a hand lathe and finished in natural wax.  Over time splits or small cracks may appear in your wooden handles, this is the normal ageing process that occurs in all wood. The cracks will not affect the integrity of the handles, as the inner thread is 12mm wide by 80mm long.  Be careful around water, please do not soak or leave any of our wooden handles wet as it can cause splitting.

Fins: 6.2mm
Spout connection: ø 3/8"
Handle connection: M12

Color: Black & Black
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mike Gerace (Montreal, QC)
Amazingly Pesado

The Pesado portafilter is truly a beauty and makes my espresso machine look good. Superb quality and easy to clean

Paul L. (Capreol, ON)
INSTANT upgrade to any stock portafilter!

The beautiful Pesado spouted portafilter will upgrade any home or commercial machine in my opinion. I initially wanted a new spouted portafilter to replace my stock Rocket spouted portafilter for two reasons: coffee flow and direction of the spouts. I prefer the use of my spouted portafilters to my naked portafilter (which I use for dosing and extraction testing of new coffees) as I find the coffee maintains its temperature much better than taking a shock of cold air (mildly affecting taste) as it's coming out of the naked portafilter. After doing research on available portafilters, the Pesado precision portafilter jumped out to me. Am I ever glad I went with this portafilter as not only is it a beautiful piece of coffee equipment that adds to my set up, but their deep design portafilter head and spouts are FANTASTIC! The flow is very smooth and consistent, and gave me exactly what I was looking for. These spouts also let you choose the direction of the pour. This nicely weighted portafilter, made out of solid aluminum holds heat very well. One note to add, as the spouts can be removed for ease of cleaning, they are not fused directly to the head, so to ensure they are pipping hot before extraction, I find a flush of water heats them fully within a couple of seconds. I only have positive things to say about this portafilter and their different choices of handles let you customize even further! Love this custom piece of coffee equipment!!