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BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.

Orphan Espresso Lido OG Hand Grinder

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The Lido OG Manual Coffee Grinder joins the Lido Series of hand coffee grinders and uses the same Etzinger hardened steel burr set.  The hopper tube is machined and anodized aluminum with a full silicone sleeve cover and can hold up to 50 grams of coffee beans.  The lower burr carrier and the top plate are threaded onto the hopper tube creating a modular build system.  The ring burr module can be removed for cleaning without affecting axle/burr alignment.  The top adjustment module can be removed as well, leaving the hopper to be washed in soap and water as desired.  Disassembly and assembly are accomplished without the use of tools. 

Coffee beans are added to the hopper through a side port which is sealed with a silicone cover.  This design allows the fitment of ab innovative adjustment system at the top of the grinder.  This system features a stepped macro disk for quick movement through the brewing range, and a stepless micro adjustment disk which allows the fine tuning of the grind for espresso as well as any other coffee brewing methods.   The stepped macro setting can be changed without affecting the micro setting.  The macro settings are defined in microns of vertical cone burr movement with an operative range of 2000 microns (2mm).  The stepless micro disk has marked increments in 5 micron resolution for espresso grinding. 

The drive system is all stainless steel, and the axle is supported by dual NTN Japan roller bearings, one in the top cap and one above the burr.  The micro adjustment disk rides on stainless steel needle bearings which result in a very smooth turning action.  The grinding burr is completely open above an uncoated stainless steel grounds catch jar which threads securely onto the grinder.  

The moderate speed burrset produces a smooth milling action without requiring excessive force or strength to turn or grip even with light roast beans.  



  • Etzinger 48mm Swiss made hardened steel conical grinding burr set
  • Dual Adjustment System - stepped macro, and stepless micro with no tool micro lock
  • NTN Japan roller bearing supported stainless steel drive train
  • Simple and repeatable burr alignment System
  • 53mm OD anodized aluminum hopper with full soft silicone sleeve cover
  • Modular design body assembly allows disassembly without affecting burr alignment
  • Stainless steel handle with soft grip knob
  • Double wall stainless steel grounds jar
  • Dimensions:  10.5" x 3" (at the catch jar)
  • Weight: 2.3lbs (1038g)


What's included:

  • LIDO OG hand grinder
  • Natural bristle brush for cleaning
  • Custom zippered case, and a neoprene cover for the stainless steel handle 
  • Owners manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ramin M (Montreal, QC)
It doesn't hold to its promise.

I bought it specifically for espresso. It is solidly built, alignment is great to a good level of precision and there's no wobbling of the central burr. Unfortunately, it doesn't stand to its promise of precision and repeatability. First major issue is lack of consistency. I can get widely varying extraction times without changing the grind setting at all. Next, it seems the burr still shifts gradually by time even if the locking screw remains fully tightened. As the central burr turns, there still seems to be a transition in the grind setting. Albeit slight, this transition can have a dramatic effect in the range of fine settings such as espresso. Also switching between different settings such as doing a fine grind for espresso then using the clicking knob (without unscrewing the locking screw) to move to the coarse setting for a pour over, if one then returns to the original fine setting for espresso, one may not actually be where one was before hence repeatability is under question. Another problem is after a number of times changing the grind setting (using the clicked knob) or if one turns the central burr (without unscrewing the locking screw), two metal parts inside the grinder start rubbing against each other with high friction. I am not sure what they are: they can be the central burr against the side burr or the mechanism inside the clicking knob? When this happens, I open the grinder, remove the central burr and put it back (according to the instructional video) which solves the problem until the next time it happens again.

I have also learned that arriving at the same grind setting but through different routes does not get me to the same place. If I set the click knob to 300 and then make it finer for 50microns by releasing the locking screw, or if I set the click knob to 200microns and then release the locking screw and make it 150microns coarser, theoretically, I must end up the same place in terms of grind finesse and extraction time (let's call it 250microns). Unfortunately, this seems far from truth. If I set it to 300 and gradually make it finer in 3-4 steps of 10-20microns change each time, I can get a totally different result too. So far, my theory to explain all this is that the mechanism inside the grinder is just not accurate enough for fine adjustments needed for espresso.

This is one of the most expensive hand grinders in the market and I had high hopes of it. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be what it was promised to be. I don't have extensive experience with coffee grinders so I can't really evaluate where it stands relative to other grinders. My grinder before this was a Eureka Facile which has its own problems however, an electric grinder for nearly the same price as this hand grinder, it now seems like the better deal. When I bought this I debated between Lido OG, Flair Royal and Niche Zero grinders. However, I liked the idea of a hand grinder and Niche zero was twice more expensive. I thought if this could deliver the same level of precised performance as the highly regarded electric grinder (Niche), I would be content. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be the case. There might be ways around the shortcomings of the Lido OG but it certainly requires a long period of try and error to overcome the flawed design which I was not expecting when I bought this.

Finally, though this one is not an essential flaw: the cap covering the coffee bean chamber keeps falling. It became loose shortly after I started using the grinder

Daniel Schnetzler (Victoria, BC)
Great build quality

The grinder creates consistent grind sizes and the marked adjustments make it easy to switch between espresso and pour over coffee. Build quality is fantastic with a nice heavy premium feel in hand. Also love the amount of detailed videos available regarding adjustment, disassembly, and general use. Really happy with my purchase.