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BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.

Coffee Addicts 2-in-1 Tamper & Leveler


Coffee Addicts believes in quality affordable coffee tools so we are proud to bring the 2-in-1 tamper and leveler to our collection. Distribute the grounds with the wedge leveler side, flip it over and tamp with the same depth every single time.

To really perfect your espresso extractions, you need a properly distributed and tamped coffee puck. Good tamping technique can help with the latter, but distribution is a bigger challenge, as coffee grounds can come out of most espresso grinders in clumps. Because of this, there is an increasing focus on distribution in specialty cafes, and you may see many of the best baristas using a coffee distributor before tamping.

The depth can be set on both sides and, once set, will also ensures a consistent tamping pressure each and every time. Flat tampers are also more ergonomic by allowing you to apply pressure with an open palm, keeping the rest of your body in an upright and neutral position



  • 58.5mm or 53.3mm diameter on both sides
  • Weight: ~0.6kg
  • Wedge style distributor
  • Includes the bamboo tamper seat
  • Helps ensure even distribution in coffee puck before tamping
  • Adjustable height on both sides
  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Manufactured in China
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Maleko (Toronto, ON)
    Love the consistency

    Consistency is what a good cup is all about. This is the tool to make that happen. It takes some time to learn the height setting you want but his effective 2 in 1 tool is awesome. The wife was sceptical at first but quickly bought into my new toy.

    G.G. (Edmonton, AB)
    Exactly as described

    Great quality! Love the look and it comes with a tamper seat. It was just a bit heavy for my arthritic hands so I prefer using a tamper with a Knob.

    Aaron Daley (Montreal, QC)
    Love the design!

    Such a low-key and well-designed product. It has a really good weight to it and has made my extractions much more consistent. Definitely recommend.