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BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.
BUNDLE & SAVE! Save 10% off of any grinder when buying an espresso machine. Automatically applied at checkout.

Cafelat Barista Robot Manual Espresso Maker

by Cafelat
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The Cafelat Barista Robot is a small and high-quality manual coffee maker that makes real espresso. It is made of premium materials like stainless steel and is completely plastic free. All you need is ground coffee, hot water from a kettle and you are all set. The whole process is simple and takes just a few minutes.




  • 58mm filter baskets: the same size as professional semi-automatic machines. The Robot comes with high a quality basket made by the same factory that makes all the best baskets in the world.
  • Stainless Steel Tamper  1 piece stainless steel tamper designed and machined to precisely fit the basket with tapered side walls to prevent ground being sucked back when you lift the tamper.
  • Pressure gauge   A patent pending system takes the pressure reading from inside the basket.  Combined with the manual pressing of the lever arms, it enables you to manipulate pre-infusion,  flow and pressure in real-time to get the best from your coffee.  
  • Extraction pressure   Ignore the magic 9 bar.  Traditional lever machines (as measured by Cafelat) typically extract at 6-7 bars, and since the basket and piston on the Robot are the same size, we suggest you initially aim for 6-7 bars as well and adjust as preferred.
  • Temperature management   The Robot is clearly not going to give you a La Marzocco type flat temperature profile.  But water off the boil poured into a gently pre-heated basket will yield approximately 95C water, and will give you up to 88C coffee output from the basket.
  • Extraction ratios  Certainly a 2:1 ratio of beverage mass to ground coffee is possible i.e. a 16g coffee dose can easily yield a 32g beverage weight. You can increase the beverage weight up to 40-45g if needed. 
  • Bottomless is best   For best results we recommend using the portafilter without the spouts - but when using the pressurized basket it is best to use with the spouts to avoid splatters.
  • It's a lever machine  Lever machines can be very forgiving thanks to their gentle pre-infusion and the soft ramp up to full pressure.
Color: Black
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brian Olsen (Aurora, CO)
Excellent manual maker, best at its price range.

Been using a breville barista express for 5 years. Works okay but always needs maintenance and occasionally need to pull apart the flow meter and reinstall. A year ago wanting something portable I bought a neo flair which ended up being a pain due to required pre heating and having to deal with an extremely hot brew head and stubborn portafilter. 3 months ago I sold the flair neo and bought one of these. No more preheating, shots are very forgiving, cleanup is very simple with the puck generally just falling out with the portafilter only being somewhat warm. Follow up shots are limited by how fast you can grind. Only the single gasket instead of multiple o-rings.

ACB (New York, NY)
Excellent manual espresso machine

I’ve only had the Robot for a couple of weeks, so this isn’t a long-term review. I’m delighted with it! Simple, very little that can go wrong. It took me a couple of tries, playing with grind/weight to get shots dialed in, but it’s espresso perfection now. You use a surprising amount of force to push the arms down, so this unit will not be a good choice for frail older folks.

MH (Dartmouth, NS)
looks cool, tastes great

an all round pleasure to use, mostly going by feel now after a couple measured runs to dial in, pretty chill routine and love the simplicity, little clean up, almost no maintenance worries, extra o rings are on point
p.s. thanks for the halloween candy lol nice touch

John Ruff (Nepean, ON)
Awesome, now i need to upgrade my grinder

Works great, easy to clean, solid construction.
Now i need to upgrade my grinder